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Bob Dylan - Something There Is About You (Chord)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (10) on 6/27/18
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Something There Is About You.
Bob Dylan.
Album: Planet Waves.

Intro: G D7 G G6
          Bm    Em C
Something there is about you, 
     Am                 G
That strikes a match in me,
          D/F#          Em   G/D
Is it the way your body moves, 
   C                  Am7        G6  G
Or is it the way your hair blows free,
   Bm                Em       Cmaj7
Or is it because you remind me, 
                  Am7     G
Of something that used to be
          Bm             Em7 Dm6 C
Something that's crossed over, 
Em    Am           G
From another century ?

Gmaj7       Em7
Thought I'd shaken the wonder,
C       Am7        D/A G
And the phantoms of my youth,
      D/F#              Em7   D6 C
Rainy days on the Great Lakes, 
            Am7            G6
Walking the hills of old Duluth,
          Bm     D     Em          Cmaj7
There was me and Danny Lopez, cold eyes, 
      Am7                  G/D G
Black night and then there was Ruth,
          D/F#     Em7    G/D C
Something there is about you,
     G/B           Am             G
That brings back a long forgotten truth.

        D/F# Em     G/D Cmaj7
Suddenly I found you, 
        Am7          Gmaj7
And the spirit in me sings,
                      Em     G/D Cmaj7
Don't have to look no further, 
           Am7          G6
You're the soul of many things,
Bm                       Em     Cmaj7
I could say that I'd be faithful, 
                      Am7         G
I could say it in one sweet, easy breath,
                D/F#     Em      G/D C
But to you that would be cruelty,
       Em                 D/A G
And to me it surely would be death.

Break: Gmaj7 Em G/D Cmaj7 A7 G Gmaj7 Em7 C A 
G Bm Em C Am7 G Gmaj7 Em G/D C G/B Am7 G Em

G                        Em  C
Something there is about you, 
     Am7                  G
That moves with style and grace,
     D/F#  Em       G/D C
I was in a whirlwind, 
            Am7         G
Now I am in some better place,
Bm               Em
My hand's on the sabre, 
   Cmaj7         Am7          G
And you've picked up on the baton,
          D/F#     Em       D
Something there is about you, 
       C     Em7   Am7    D/A    G
That I can't quite put my finger on.

D/F# Em D Cmaj7 A7 G Gmaj7 Em G/D C Am7 
G Bm Em G C Am7 G Gmaj7 E D6 C Em Am7 G 
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