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Bob Dylan - Just Like Tom Thumb Blues (Chord)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (10) on 6/26/18
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Just Like Tom Thumb Blues.
Bob Dylan.
Album: Highway 61 Revisited.  

G6        020000

Intro: D C G D Am7 C G
G                               C
When you're lost in the rain in Juarez,
         C           G C/D G
And it's Easter time too, and your gravity fails,
         C                    G       C/D G   
And negativity don't pull you through,
Don't put on any airs,
                        Am7       G
When you're down on Rue Morgue Avenue,
They got some hungry women there,
                            G        Am G
And they really make a mess outta you.

Now if you see Saint Annie,
Am7             G6       G
Please tell her thanks a lot,
G                 G6          C        G    Am G
I cannot move, my fingers are all in a knot,
I don't have the strength,
C                  G           Am G
To get up and take another shot,
    C/D D              D7
And my best friend, my doctor,
D7                        C    G  Am G
Won't even say what it is I've got.

Sweet Melinda,
    Am7                              G    Am G
The peasants call her the goddess of gloom,
She speaks good English,
        Am7                     G
And she invites you up into her room,
And you're so kind,
C                                G    C/D G
And careful not to go to her too soon,
And she takes your voice,
     D7                C      G   Am G
And leaves you howling at the moon.

Up on Housing Project Hill,
C                      G    Am G
It's either fortune or fame,
You must pick up one or the other,
       C                                   G     C/D G
Though neither of them are to be what they claim,
If you're looking to get silly,
C                                    G
You better go back to from where you came,
            D               D7
Because the cops don't need you,
D7                      G    Am/G
And man they expect the same.

Now all the authorities,
     Am7                   G    C/D G
They just stand around and boast,
G                                    Am7
How they blackmailed the sergeant-at-arms,
                 G C/D G   C
Into leaving his post, and picking up Angel who,
C                          G     C/D G
Just arrived here from the coast,
Who looked so fine at first,
    D7                       G     Am G
But left looking just like a ghost. 

Break: C G C G C Am7 G D Am7 G

I started out on burgundy,
    Am7                 G    C/D G
But soon hit the harder stuff,
G                           C
Everybody said they'd stand behind me,
C                 G  C/D G       C
When the game got rough, but the joke was on me.
C                                      G     Am G
There was nobody even there to call my bluff,
I'm going back to New York City,
D7                    G     Am G
I do believe I've had enough.

D C G D C G D C G D C G 
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