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Blackfoot - Highway Song (Chord)
Submitter: P.A.LinZ (17) on 6/16/04 3 comments
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Highway Song
Written by: Jackson Spires, Rick Medlocke
Album: Strikes

intro: Em C D  Em C D  C D Em  B7    3 times

Another (Em)day another dollar(C) (D)
(Em)After I sang and holler(C) (D)
(C)Oh it's my way of (D)livin' and I can't change a (Em)thing (B7)
Another (Em)town is drawin' near(C) (D)
Oh (Em)baby I wish you were here(C) (D)
(C)The only way I can (D)see ya darlin' is in my (Em)dreams

It's a highway (Am)song
singin' (D)on and on
On and(Em) on
Em C D  Em C D  C D C D Em B7

Well the (Em)hurt you leave behind(C) (D)
Is the (Em)hurt that's on your mind(C) (D)
(C)Oh and last night's (D)show took it's toll on (Em)me(B7)
Well those (Em)city lights fly by me(C) (D)
As I (Em)lay my body in my bed(C) (D)
(C)Oh and dreams of(D) you dance through my (Em)head

It's a highway (Am)song
Singin' (D)on and on
On and (Em)on
Highway (C)song
Is as (D)lonely as the road I'm (Em)on
Em C D Em  Em C D Am   Em C D  Em C D  C D Em  B7

Yeah these (Em)big wheels are ready to roll(C) (D)
We've been (Em)flyin' high and so low(C) (D)
(C)Lord all this(D)madness ain't as crazy as it(Em)seems(B7)
Every(Em)where they stop and stare(C) (D)
I'm just a (Em)stranger on this road(C) (D)
(C)Oh I stand a(D)lone only in my (Em)dreams

Highway (Am)song
Singin' (D)on and on
On and (Em)on
Highway(C) song
Is as (D)lonely as the road I'm (Em)on

Well..highway (Am)song
Singin' (D)on and on
On and (Em)on
Highway (C)song
Is as (D)lonely as the road I'm (Em)on

The rest is pretty much the same chords. 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
-EMRLDEYZS | 6/19/2004
on the Em C D progressions, slide the C chord up to 3rd fret (this is a 'Rock D'). Then
when u fall back to C on "Livin'", use F#m rather than D.
This is a good tab !
-microsysinc | 9/21/2009
I love the cord progression in this song. I also want to add where (C) (D) is used, that I use a C5 slide to D5 power cord then Em. I am trying to find a power cord chart to post.

EM C5/D5 Em
-dray149 | 2/22/2012
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