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Black Crowes - Sister Luck (Chord)
Submitter: twizzle05 (16) on 9/11/05 1 comment
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Sister Luck
written by Robinson/Robinson
from the album "Shake Your Money Maker"
tabbed 9/11/05 (God Bless America!)

INTRO: F  C    F  C    F  C  Bb
       F  C  Bb (5x)

F        C                Bb
Worried sick my eyes are hurting
F          C                Bb
To rest my head I'll take a lie
F           C          Bb
Outside the girls are dancin'
                   F     C                   Bb
'Cause when you're down it just don't seem right

F               C           Bb
Playin' second fiddle to a dead man
F        C                  Bb
Up to my neck with your disregard
       F                C              Bb 
Like a free dog that's walkin' on the broadway
F                C                   Bb
No one wants to hear you when you're down

D                C               Bb                   C (then slide up to D)
Sister luck is a-screamin' out somebody else's name
D                C               Bb
Sister luck is a-screamin' out somebody else's name

F  C  Bb  (2x)

F            C                  Bb
A flip of a coin might make her head turn
F     C          Bb
No surprise who sleeps
F       C            Bb
Held my hand over a candle
    F             C          Bb
The flame burned but I never bleed

CHORUS, what a shame!

SOLO: F  C  Bb (2x)

CHORUS, what a shame!

OUTRO: F  C  Bb (repeat until end)

CHORDS with a capo on III:

F = D
C = A
Bb = G
D = B 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Yes there is a D instead of an E on third line of chorus and there should be a 4 min (D minor) in the last line of chorus. More accurate than any other version that I've seen online though.(NO F# minor. Just listen to the bass. Try an Amaj6 instead of the Amaj7 in the VERSE.)
-tellyjelly | 8/16/2005
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