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Arlo Guthrie - Ukulele Lady (Chord)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (10) on 9/11/17
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Ukulele Lady.

Arlo Guthrie.

Album: Hobo’s Lullaby.

Capo 2 

F#m - D - EA - D (Then pause)

(Verse 1) 
D         F#m             Bm                 A# A   D
I saw the splendor of the moonlight on Bay,
D                 F#m           Bm                 A# A   D
There's something tender in the moonlight on Bay.
    Bm                                          F#m                                               
And all the beaches are filled with peaches who bring their Ukes along,
D          Bm             F#m                    E7        A7
And in the glimmer of the moonlight they love to sing this song.

(Verse 2)
   D   A    Bm            D       A         Bm
If you like Ukulele Lady, Ukulele Lady like you,
   A   Cm6     A                        A7                   D
If you like to linger where it's shady, Ukulele Lady linger, too.
       A    Bm      A    D                 A          Bm
If you kiss Ukulele Lady while you promise ever to be true,
    A                             A7                  D
And she sees another Ukulele Lady foolin' 'round with you,
G                                 D
Maybe she'll sigh (an awful lot), maybe she'll cry (and maybe not),
E7                                     A7
Maybe she'll find somebody else by and by.
   D    A  Bm                 D                      A           Bm
To sing to when it's cool and shady where the tricky wicky wacky woo,
   A   Cm6          A                       D
If you like Ukulele Lady, Ukulele Lady like you. (Then pause)

(Verse 3)
D                         Bm  F#m            A# A   D
She used to sing to me by moonlight on Bay,
D             F#m                Bm                  A# A  D
Fond memories cling to me by moonlight, although I'm far away.
Bm                                              F#m                                            
Some day I'm going, where eyes are glowing, and lips are made to kiss,
   D       F#m         Bm                     E7     A7
To see somebody in the moonlight and hear the song I miss.
Repeat Chorus 

Finish; Ukulele Lady like you. (Acapella)

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