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Anne Murray - Most Of All (Chord)
Submitter: kraziekhat (275) on 11/22/17 1 comment
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Most Of All:Anne Murray.
- Album - Talk It Over In The Morning -
#26 on BB Hot Country Albums on CAPITOL
Records in 1971.


(Verse 1)
Bb                               Cm
Hello, darlin,' my, it's good to hear you.
    F              Eb             Bb
I'm at the railway station in St. Paul.
Bb                                 Cm                                 
How are all the folks, I'd love to see them.
    Ebm              F               Bb
But boy, I'd love to see you most of all.


(Verse 2)
Well, I been staring at the rain and I been 
Cm        F              Eb         Bb
thinking, ever since the train left Montreal.
Bb                                    Cm                                     
Thought I'd always love this life I'm living,
    Ebm          F                Bb
but now I know I love you most of all.

     Gm             Dm                Eb
Many times before I know I swore that I'd come 
home to stay.
       Gm                Dm                 Eb
But it always seems that foolish dreams and trains 
          F   Gbm Gb
got in my way.

(Verse 3)
  B                          Gb   Dbm       Gb
Tomorrow there'll be snow in Minnesota, but I won't 
   E                  B
be around to watch it fall.
B                                  Dbm
I'll be headed for an old familiar station, just 
Em               Gb              B
hoping you still love me most of all.

Em              Gb               B    Dbm
Boy, you know I love you most of all......I love you, 
Gb E           B
ba-by, most of all.
B                      Dbm
            Em    Gb      B    Dbm              Gb
I love you, baby, most of all.......I love you, baby, 
most of all.

A seventies smash from Kraziekhat. 
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Good one,,,great Job!!!!!
-aussief | 12/1/2017
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