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Andy Williams - Canadian Sunset (Chord)
Submitter: kraziekhat (329) on 12/16/10 1 comment
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Canadian Sunset:Andy Williams.
#7 in 1956.
      (Capo 2nd fret.)

E6   E            E6              E
Once I was alone, sooo lonely and then,
A7                 Am7             E                B7
You came, out of nowhere, like the sun, up from the hills.

E6    E                  E6    E
Cold, cold was the wind, warm, warm were your lips,
A7                 Am7                   E6
Out there, on that ski trail, where your kiss filled
me with thrills.

  A          B7      E
A weekend in Canada, a change of scene,
A7      B7               E
was the most I bargained for.
A7        B7           E           C#m
Then I discovered you, and in your eyes,
  G#m     C#m       F#m        B7
I found a love that I couldn't ignore.

E6    E                  E6    E
Down, down came the sun. Fast, fast, fast beat my heart.
A7               Am7                E   B7            E
I knew, when the sun set, from that day we'd ne...ver part.

A7                   Am7                E        B7
And I knew, when the sun set, from that day, we'd never,
B7   E
ever part.

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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Another good one,,, well done!!!!
-aussief | 12/17/2010
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