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Andrea Carroll - It Hurts To Be Sixteen (Chord)
Submitter: kraziekhat (271) on 12/6/14
Month Views: 13 | Total Views: 913
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It Hurts To Be Sixteen:Andrea Carroll.
#45 on BB Hot 100 on BIG TOP Records
in 1963. (Chiffons are the back-up singers.)
(Great 'teen angst' song.)

 D                Bm                        
 D                Bm

Bm           Em7                 A
The kids are singing loud (rat-a-tang-tu-tang-tu-tang) 
      E               A
Happy birthday, sweet sixteen.
          D                     Bm
And so, I smile and hope (rat-a-tang-tu-tang-tu-tang)  
that my tears will not be seen.
Bm          G
Because I'm much too old to cry (too old to cry) 
              Gbm               B
but still too young to find out why (to find out why.)
           E          A           D
Why I'm so lonely, it hurts to be sixteen.
 D                Bm                    D

Bm               Em7                    A
Don't think that you're grown up (rat-a-tang-tu-tang-
              Em7        A
tu-tang) when you become sixteen.
             D                     Bm
Because like me, you'll see (rat-a-tang-tu-tang-tu-tang)  
       D         Bm
you're only in between.
Em7           G
They say that you're too old for toys (too old for toys)
                 Gbm                Bm
But still you're much too young for boys (too young for 
B               Em7          A           D
boys) I hate to tell you, it hurts to be sixteen.

  Am7     Bm        G    Bm        G              Gbm
I found a wonderful guy (wonderful guy) I want to spend 

my life with him (spend my life with him.)
               Bm                          E
They say we're too young to start..they're driving us apart..
      A          Em7       A
we're finished before we begin.

  Bm         Em7                    A
I can't keep smiling through (rat-a-tang-tu-tang-tu-tang)  
         Em7          A
cause it hurts, sweet sixteen.
             D               Bm                        D
This party's over now (rat-a-tang-tu-tang-tu-tang) and you 

know what I mean.
Bm        G
To all of you who have shown up (who have shown up) come back 
     Gbm                  Bm
next year when I've grown up (when I've grown up.)
               Em7            A           D
But now please go, because it hurts to be sixteen.

 D                    Bm                      D
(You know it hurts to be sixteen) you know it hurts.
 D                    Bm                    D
(They say it hurts to be sixteen) I said it hurts.
 D                    Bm
(You know it hurts to be sixteen)(Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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