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Amy Grant - El Shaddai (Chord)
Submitter: PeaPicker (2) on 12/17/04 1 comment
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El Shaddai
Words and Music by Michael Card and John Thompson

       Dm          G/B
El Shaddai, El Shaddai,
      C         F
El-elyon na Adonai,
        Bb                   E7
Age to age you're still the same,
         Am   G/B    A/C#
By the power of the name.
       Dm          G7/B
El Shaddai, El Shaddai,
      C        F
Erkamka na Adonai,
          Bb            Dm7/A  G
We will praise and lift you high,
Gsus    C
El Shaddai.

(Verse 1)
              Dm                   G
Through your love and through the ram,
               C          F
You saved the son of Abraham,
             Bb            E7
Through the power of your hand
                Am   G/B     A/C#
You turned the sea into dry land.
         Dm             G
To the outcast on her knees
    G7/B      C       Cma7    F
You were the God who really sees,
    Bb                 G                 C   Csus C
And by your might you set your children free.

(Verse 2)
             Dm                 G
Through the years you made it clear
          C                  F
that the time of Christ was near,
            Bb              E7
though the people couldn't see
        Am    G/B     A/C#
what Messiah ought to be.
             Dm                 G
Though your Word contained the plan,
            C              F
they just could not understand,
          Bb                G           Bb              G
your most awesome work was done in the frailty of your Son.

 El-Shaddai means "God Almighty"
 El-Elyon na Adonai means "God in the highest, Oh, Lord"
 Erkamka na Adonai means "We will love You, Oh, Lord" 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
This is a great song! I have a friend who loves Jewish music, so I'll play this for
her at church this sunday. God Bless!
-Snowboard Punk | 6/19/2005
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