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10 Years - Aderral (powder In A Pill) (Chord)
Submitter: tumbleturd (1) on 9/28/08
Month Views: 16 | Total Views: 1,578
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Aderral (Powder In A Pill) - Sunny Ledfurd
Capo 2

E                            A
I was sittin at a bar with a couple friends of mine
B                         E
Wishin that we had some cocaine
E                             A
On a Tuesday afternoon at the end of the winter
B                             E
And we was just waitin on the spring
E                                    A
When this guy walked up to us and he asked us what's the fuss
B                             E
Told me it could ease all our pain
E                               A
He said he had some pills and I asked him what he's got
B                             E
And he would only tell me its name

E                             A
I got powder in a pill, I got my prescr i ption filled
B                               E
I'm tellin y'all its called Aderal
E                               A
Keeps you up at least a day, no matter what they say
B                                    E
But at least you don't snort up your nose  (Hell, no)

Solo: E-A-B-E x 2

E                                    A
Now I've been up for two whole days, doin the same ol things
B                         E
Callin girls drunk on the phone
E                            A
At a show in Arkansas, but I had to get to Oregon
B                            E
So I could get down with all y'all
E                                A
So I got a better thrill from an oral prescr i ption pill
B                                   E
I stayed up late and wrote you this song
E                               A
And every now and then when I'm up at ten am
B                              E
I wish the f**k he'd leave me alone


Solo: E-A-B-E x 2

E                                       A
Oh, no - Here we go - Party in a pill - We gonna eat em til the shadows look real
B                                       E
No more shawls or baggies anymore - Its easier now but a bit tougher to score
E                                            A
Been up for two days but I still want more - Waking up its a strang as a bathroom floor
B                                   E
So put your pills up in the air and pop them things - man, don't be scared

Chorus x 2

Outro: E-A-B-E

Capo 2 ~or~ Open
E: 022100 ~ F#: 244322
A: x02220 ~ B:  x24442
B: x24442 ~ C#: x46664 
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